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Iludi Design brand

Iludi Design Tropical Minimalist Furniture, Sculptures and Accessories

The artists and architects Luiz F. Costa and Rodrigo Irffi design and take responsibility for manufacturing  from wall sculptures to stools, each piece is crafted with solid Angelim wood, brass, soapstone, concrete, steel and PLA. 


The highest quality, attention to detail, and functionality in mind. ILUDI offers unexpected designs and uncommon formats that serve a specific purpose or may be used in a variety of contexts or ambiences.


From playful forms to unique decorative objects, every item is carefully selected to provide a deep meaning adding aesthetic value to your room. An essence of Tropical Minimalism established in the Brazilian Industry.

Manufacturer of minimalism seeking to infuse more warmth into everyday life.

Iludi Design decided to bring to every space items that reflect identity, inspired by minimalist ideology, with reasonable prices and exquisite finishes. Unique craftsmanship collections filled with stories and singularities merging functionality, versatility, and its signature.

Our Products:

Iludi Design Solid Wood-Carved Angelim Benta Collection

The Benta Collection combines kitchen articles such as centerpieces,  bowls with interior design home furnishings like side tables and stools made of Polished Solid Angelim wood or of  soapstone. The artist considers the dining environment a sacred place.


To do justice to this, he gathers around the table utilitarian objects, furniture, and feelings. Subtleties that emanate from within and echo personality. Pure, gentle, and continuous tenderness.

A timeless encounter where design whispers confidences as it sculpts shapes that please him.

Sinestesia Series, Wall Edition: A Sustainable Sensorial Ballet

The Sinestesia Wall Mirror Sculpture Series, an emblematic and singular collection that seamlessly blends art and functionality. Crafted with eco-friendly and sustainable PLA, these sculptural mirrors bring a touch of elegance and intrigue to any space.


Experience the sustainable sensorial ballet as light dances across the gold-plated surfaces, creating a mesmerizing display of reflection and depth.

Why Contacting Consolida Brazil for importing from Iludi Design ?

Defining an appropriate mix of products requires a shopping experience that optimizes time and provides clarity in details. With a wide variety of models and raw materials, it's important to rely on our expertise to assist you with export documents, technical compliance, packaging suitability, and negotiation among logistics suppliers, factory, and customs brokers.

Contact us to know more.

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