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Aver Design’ Crystal Quartz Lighting | High-end Chandelier Decor

Aver Design: One step Ahead on Crystal Quartz Lighting creations.

Imagine walking into a room and being completely taken aback by a decor item that looks just like a piece of art. It is elegant, but it still makes the atmosphere inviting, and it provides the perfect decorative lighting for that setting. 

That’s the power of Aver Design’ crystal quartz chandeliers and decorative lighting: they are luxurious, inviting, high-quality, and simply stunning! 

Our exclusive lighting, featuring crystal quartz chandeliers that incorporate rustic textures or hand-crafted gold and silver leaf finishes, showcases carved precious stones and brings a modern touch to your space with contemporary lighting designs. Adding just the right touch of luxury to elevate the elegant rooms in your projects.

Our Decorative Lighting Made in Brazil

If you are looking for a fine upgrade in your portfolio of lighting decor with one-of-a-kind designs, check our special selection of decorative lighting fixtures, wall sconces, table lamps and chandeliers.

Stella White Crystal Quartz Chandelier

Devastatingly gorgeous, the Stella White or smoky Quartz chandelier truly brings anyone’s jaw to the floor. Handmade with white or smoked quartz, and a structure in silver finish, this chandelier is craftsmanship at its finest hanging from your ceiling.

Stalacta Pendant Decorative Lighting Fixture

A true work of art, the Stalacta Light Pendants are literally a one-of-a-kind piece. The light shines through a genuine gemstone, fixed to a structure that is adjustable according to its height. The overall effect is impressive and unique.

Metropolis Downtown Chandelier

Inspired by the contemporary lifestyle of big cities, the Metropolis Downtown chandelier conveys the perfect balance between power and sensitivity, rustic and elegant. It is inspiration in the form of a chandelier.

Anna Belle Crystal Quartz Table Lamp

When classic and contemporary meet, you get the Anna Belle Table Lamp. Featuring a base embellished with crystals, and a shade to diffuse the light, words cannot describe the beauty of this piece, and how it makes something apparently simple look so exquisite. 

Aver Design' Decorative Lighting excellence

All our lamps and chandeliers are handmade with the finest materials and high craftsmanship by renowned designers. Choosing an Aver Design lighting is the guarantee of getting a high-end, elegant, and long-lasting piece that is true artwork.


Open the Catalog Aver Design Lighting 2024 to learn more or check out below some of the main competitive advantages of the portfolio.

  • Natural Beauty

  • Authentical Authorial Design

  • Unique: piece of art

  • Dimmable Led Lighting

  • Custom-made Projects

  • Handmade

  • New Rustic Ceramic Finishes

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