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Handmade Handicraft from the Amazon Rainforest | Amazonas 

Choose value-added Amazonian handmade products over questionable raw materials to demonstrate your awareness and goodwill in saving the world's lungs. Support indigenous culture, environmental preservation, and ethical art. Together, humanity can protect the Amazon and ensure the ongoing prosperity of its rich heritage for generations to come.

Why the Amazon Rainforest Craftmanship? 

The lung of the world preserves ancient traditions of indigenous people for the manual production of baskets and household utensils. From Brazilwood to natural fibers and their exotic pigments. Discover an exclusive ethnic product line sent directly from the Amazonian tribe to your country. Highlighting below some of the most picturesque products with design guidance from nationally recognized names in Brazil.

Handmade Bromelia Tucum Fiber Fruit Bowl
MATERIALS: Tucum-covered wire.
CONCEPT: The inspiration comes from the Vriesea - a species endemic to South America - while the tucum fiber and weave celebrate Brazilian essence. 

Wambe Tucum Fiber Leaf Fruit Bowl
MATERIALS: Products crafted from tucum fiber, following sustainable extraction techniques that keep the forest standing.
CONCEPT: Inspired by the leaf of the Amazonian Wambe tree, it celebrates Brazilian identity. 

Piassava Baskets Buriti Collection
MATERIAL: Natural Piassava Fiber. 

CONCEPT: The design intricacies meet the craftsmanship skill of the artisans from Barcelos, materializing the art of basketry in piassava fiber. Interweaving threads of ancestry, tradition, and affection for nature.

Import from the artisans, contact us.

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