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Yana Coelho Handcrafted Decor

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Her handcrafted pieces interweave the contemporary with the eternal. In her works, Yana ensures that nature and its essence remain present.
Frog's mouth, jequitibá wood, bull's eye, and vines are some of the various elements that captivate the artist to create sophisticated and unique pieces.

The raw material used is nothing more than nature's own discard. To move towards the cycles of life and open up to the new. - I create with identity without altering, but expanding simplicity and essence -  says Yana.

Yana graduated in occupational therapy, but it was only when she became a partner and art dealer in an art gallery that she embraced her true calling.

Sustainable Sourcing: The Heart of Yana Coelho's Creations

The raw material that YANA COELHO uses for her work are parts of natural plants from the Brazilian flora. These products are primarily collected in native fields by families from communities in the Serra do Espinhaço region (Jequitinhonha, Minas Gerais), as well as by riverside and indigenous communities in the state of Pará. After being collected, they are naturally dried using sunlight and can be used in their natural color, bleached, or dyed. All the products used are not listed on any protected or endangered species lists, whether at the state level, federal level (IBAMA), or on the international CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) list.

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