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São Bernardo Space Organizers

The organization of the home becomes much more practical when each item or household utensil has its designated place for storage. Consumers seek practical solutions such as economical shelves, easy to assemble and move.

What São Bernardo Manufacture ? 

Affordable toolboxes. drawer dividers, decorative plastic in-mold stamped storage boxes, hangers, decorated plastic cups, drawer systems, shelving systems. plastic bowls, plates, decorated bags. make-up holders, utility box and more.

Its space organizers were designed to be all of these things, optimizing space in containers so that importers can benefit from the best cost-effectiveness in the market. Supermarket chains, wholesalers, as well as multi-brand bazaars, will be excited to offer this product line to their discerning customers. Best Price guaranteed. 

Check the catalog 2024  clicking here to open. 

São Bernardo Space Organizers
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