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Handmade Uaná Origami Lights | Santa Catarina | Brazilian Crafts

About the Products: Pendant Lights, Table Lights, Desk Lamps and Floor Lights

Uaná Lighting, by the hands of Joaquin his daughter and Daniel is a creative studio that emerged through a simple game of origami, and in the course of unusual experiments began this great project.  Pure and Inspired by nature and sustainability, its design embodies a truly unique style. More than just illuminating, it combines functions for a memorable user experience.

Joaquin and Dani The Uaná Lighting Team

Contemporary, artful and unique, Origami experience creations

This line of origami light fixtures stands out for the quality of the paper used for the shades, its bases with sustainable wood, the certified electrical components, and each unique handmade details. such as the coating of wires with recycled paper rings.  Each fold captures the artist's touch, making the paper a keeper of memories marked by the moment when they were created.

Hand-dimmable domes

It features a delicate bow that can be opened or closed to adjust the lighting coefficient of the space where the piece is installed. 

Sustainable Solid wood Table Light Bases

The wooden table lamps feature turned or sculpted bases crafted from solid reclaimed wood (wood harvested from old houses or discarded items, treated, and repurposed). The bases' aesthetics provide stability.

Wires adorned with thousands of recycled paper rings 

Re-signfied papers, place by hand, one-by-one, converting them to an essential part of the aesthetic of the product. As a result, the essential part of an electrical installation doesn't need to be hidden if it can be made beautiful and delicate. The paper rings, when connected, envelop the wires and represent a unique invention within Uaná's work.

More regarding the Santa Catarina State

Azorean influence, German colonization, and beautiful beaches. Santa Catarina is one of the states with the highest Human Development Index (HDI) in Brazil. Rendeiras' houses, carrying on the legacy of their ancestors, crochet, straw, macramé, fishing seasons, and a strong presence of immigrants from other states and countries seeking a better quality of life, especially along the state's coastline.

Surrounded by the sea the Itajaí Port ( FOB/Itajaí) is an easily accessible option. In addition, a migratory trend among high-income individuals attracted by beautiful natural landscapes resulted in a thriving local market.


It has provided a fertile environment for the development of exquisite and sophisticated craftsmanship portfolios in terms of finishing and attention to detail. We highlight more two artists: BOHO MACRAMÊ HOME above.
Here above are some photos regarding these two collections mentioned. Did you become interested ?

Why Importing Brazilian handmade Home Goods from Santa Catarina ?

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