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Crystal Quartz High-end Home Decor

Become the Distributor in your country. Aver Design delivers to your clients.

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The design of the interior, crafted to be the dream home for your client, relies on meticulous curation. The Rock Crystal Quartz Home Decor line features vases, chandeliers, center table bowls, candleholders and art frames.

Import from Aver Design. its portfolio is the result of handpicked, top-quality quartz, harmonious design, and the experience of artisans who handcraft each piece, maintaining its standard of quality for  generations of descendants of Italians, dedicated to excellence.


Define the touch of Gold leaf, Warm Gold Leaf or Silver-plated for complementing the perfect environment.


Fine Objects with Brazilian Soul

If you are looking for an elegant upgrade in your Living Room Decor with one-of-a-kind designs, check our special selection opening the catalog.

Crystal Quartz Centre Piece

Devastatingly gorgeous, the Crystal Quartz Centre piece truly brings anyone’s jaw to the floor. Handmade with Large Quartz Points, and a structure in Gold Leaf or Silver Leaf this piece is craftsmanship at its finest hanging from your ambience. Check it now.

Crystal Quartz Medium or Large Vase

An orchid, a wheat straw, or a rose, all with their natural splendor, deserve a captivating composition. Our Crystal Quartz vases are sure to leave dinner guests deeply impressed, while the natural radiance of the inherent shine of the precious stone is jaw-dropping. Check it now.

Cedro Natural Selenite Candleholder

A romantic candlelit dinner gains significance when every detail shines bright. Make the seductive game of matrimony easier by illuminating your dining room with the handmade Cedro Natural Selenite Candleholder.


Achieve the promotion you desire by showcasing your good taste. Be the architect of your royal family-inspired decor, elevating the level of the home decor project you undertake.

Create a luxurious atmosphere for the living room and be invited to the banquet, enjoying it like a king. Check it now.

​Why choose Aver Design?

Aver Design pieces are timeless and exclusive. They combine art and usefulness, bringing elegance to architectural interior design projects.

Choosing an Aver Design Rock Crystal Quartz home Decor piece is choosing art in the form of Crystal.


Open the catalog to know more.

Aver Design: Exquisite Rock Crystal Quartz Home Decor for Luxurious Interiors

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