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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Consolida Brazil

  • Willing the best price? Minimum Order Quantity?
    Importing as a wholesaler, distributor or e-commerce contact
  • Your order has only one manufacturer chosen ?
    If you choose a specific manufacturer (factory), the payment transfer (via bank swift) is made directly to the manufacturer. We can assist you in connecting with the exporting departments of each brand.
  • Your order is a mix of products from different manufacturers ?
    If you choose an assorted order from different factories, Consolida Brazil consolidates your selection in only one commercial invoice.
  • Payment conditions, incoterms, shipping estimations ?
    It depends on the characteristics of the merchandise you are buying. Also, on the total amount of your order. Contact us and ask for more details. Manufacturers shown at Consolida Brazil export worldwide.
  • Privacy Policy
    Confidentiality terms can be assessed to ensure that our information exchange aligns with the business requirements. Your information shared with Consolida Brazil is kept internally to provide you with a better shopping experience and to understand your buying preferences.
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