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Handmade Brazilian Headdress for Wall decor from Paraíba  

The narrative of Brazil draws inspiration from its Indigenous heritage. The headdress, a symbol of pride and protection for indigenous tribes, transcends mere decoration, embodying the essence of a people profoundly impacted by colonization. Our artisanal production for decorative purpose are crafted in the Northeast with wheat flowers and shells, pays homage to indigenous culture, add symbolic meanings to interior designs and celebrates the richness of Brazilian heritage.

Our Handmade Headdress Wall decoration collection

The handmade collection is an authentic nature History with its textures, natural elements and ways of identifying the Brazilian essence on walls and in the small details of your decoration.

Large Sheet-headdress Wall Frame

Freijó-colored frames with glass sandwich construction or black frames may be added to your wall art, enhancing the ambience, adding value, and guaranteeing sophistication for projects from your most demanding designers and architect clients. Keep in mind that the headdress is the embodiment of what we seek: memory, design, and Brazilian identity.

Sustainable art for the future

We are elevating Brazilian decor by introducing distinctive and entirely exclusive pieces to walls, infused with the rich essence of Brazil in their design, shapes, colors, textures, and history. Our primary raw material is derived from nature's discards, turning them into captivating works of art. With a focus on our roots, we believe we are crafting a new chapter in the history of art and architecture in our country.

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