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Designers and Studios

The Brazilian is entrepreneurial, before becoming a large factory with a large team and machinery for mass production. Designers and small studios create beautiful models and are open to developing designs that adapt to your project, your brand. Exclusive lines that allow you to stand out and help the producer grow their production scale. In this section, we present the designers and studios that attract national market attention as exponents and potential suppliers.

Ingrid Peixoto

Since childhood, Ingrid has witnessed her father planning and executing public works using soapstone as the main raw material. Designer Ingrid Peixoto has decided to transform this stunning raw material and her expertise in its utilization, combined with solid Angelim wood, to create beautiful decorative pieces for centerpieces and environments that aim for a touch of refinement and sophistication. She signs the project and coordinates and oversees the manufacturing of every detail that is produced.

Soster Studio Wood & Design logo mark.

The studio is based in Garopaba, Santa Catarina, Brazil. The carpentry emerged as a necessity due to the lack of available workforce willing to produce furniture. It started with drawing and designing furniture. The production involves manual craftsmanship of furniture and decorative pieces using traditional carpentry techniques.

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