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Modern Porcelain Vases: Exuberance for Grandiose Home Decor

Meet the Porcelain vases, cachepots, sculptures from Haus of Aurah

With a light, simplistic, and elegant touch, the vases, sculptures, and luminaires from Haus of Aurah present us with unique and random compositions. Rich in details, bold and innovative forms, and of high quality, these pieces prioritize fluidity in their constructions.


The inspiration for each design ranges from architecture and the power of nature to the strides of Brazilian fauna and even the archetypal aspirations of the human soul.

The Porcelain for decorating

Not only does porcelain have a fine aesthetic appearance, presenting higher density and hardness than the traditional pottery, its forms can also be created thinner due to this high firing temperature. Being translucent and smoother and also durable, the porcelain provides high-quality for producing decorative pieces, art, cachepots and vases.

The Modern High-Temperature Porcelain Inspiration

The designers were able to seamlessly transmute styles, using simple and geometric or asymmetrical elements that transform into organic and essentially minimalist. They embrace folds, pleats, and drapes, creating intricate designs that are gentle to the eyes of those who appreciate them.

A choreography of each form overflows with creativity for various environments and decorations. The collection offers a range of finishes and colors, drawing influences from indigenous Brazilian porcelain, haute couture, straight and vertical lines, to illusionist games.

We hope that this collection, made from perhaps the noblest of ceramic materials, can make everyday life more enjoyable.

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