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Eterna Flora | Sustainable Home Decor Necklaces

Eco-Friendly Decorative Products for the Home

If you are seeking a supplier of decorative necklaces with a natural boho style, known for excellent craftsmanship and elegant designs, look no further than Eterna Flora. In the hands of a group of dedicated artisans, even the most sophisticated interior projects can gain a touch of simplicity.

Natural Dried Peels Necklaces for Wall and Table decor

Handmade Dry Wood Necklaces for Wall Decorating or as table centerpiece by Eterna Flora. A collection of Wall Hanging ornaments for Interior design projects considering  bulk prices and sustainability awareness. Home decor items adding value to indoor ambiences considering simplicity and neutral hues.


The line also provides compatible packages for bulk offers exports. For eco-friendly products to adorn furniture stores or homes this line results in a good choice with fair prices.

Products are Handcrafted Through an Ethical Path, Engaging the Community

Desidrated Natural peels and flowers necklaces are created through a lengthy natural process involving the Harvesting, Cooking, Washing, Whitening, Hydration, coloring, drying, design creation and assembly. 

With Eterna Flora the artisan community is committed to creating sustainable solutions for home decoration. All the secrets and knowledge of handmade production, passed down from generation to generation, is shared.

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