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Previlege Sofa Arm Tray Table: Elegance & comfort for your home

Previlege is a manufacturer of custom-made sofa arm tray tables with your Private label, produced on a large industrial scale. The company also develop promotional items by demand.

Become the distributor to your country for affordable trial orders of $2000 with competitive prices!

Compact and Standardized Packaging for Online Sales.

Sofa or Couch, Previlege Has Your Arm Rest Covered

Sofas are all about comfort, coziness, and having a great time relaxing - either by yourself or with loved ones. But you can’t have any of that when you’re worrying that someone is going to spill wine or something even worse on your couch.

That’s when sofa arm trays come in handy. 

And they can certainly be much more than just a useful accessory. If you choose right, they add a touch of elegance even to the simplest of couches, while keeping your sofa free from stains.


In addition, unlike bamboo products, painted MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) does not mold or mildew.

Convenience and style with our sofa arm tray

Our catalog features plenty of options for you to find the perfect sofa arm tray.  From table mats made with flexible mdf to snack trays. Be sure to combine three ideal aspects: style, convenience and durability.

Here, you’ll discover a whole new world in which a risky scenario, such as having your tv control in the right place and within reach of your hands , is actually not worrisome.  Check below some of our special recommendations for you!

Our Products

Sofa arm tray table mobile support

Easy to use, easy to clean, and with guaranteed quality, our sofa arm trays are sure to suit your every need!

Our sofa arm tray mobile support is perfect for those moments in which you just want to chill on the sofa while listening to some relaxing music on your phone and drinking a nice glass of wine. Check it now.

Colorful sofa arm tray

Do you feel like adding a pop of color to your decor while having all the benefits our sofa arm trays have to offer? Our colorful sofa arm tray model comes in four colors: yellow, green, red, and white. Forget about getting up or spilling drinks, just enjoy!

Sofa Arm Tray Table with 1 Cup Holder

Created for enhancing the lounging experience the Sofa Arm Tray Table with 1 Cup Holder is available in tobacco, black, or Fendi painted wood with an aluminum or acrylic cup holder. Fits square and rounded arm rests, measuring 15.75" x 6.59" x 0.23". Keep drinks and snacks within reach. Durable, easy to clean. Perfect for relaxing. Check it now.

Sofa snack table

Want to gather your friends to watch a movie in your living room? Our sofa snack table is the right choice! It offers spots for drinks and snacks.

This is just a sample of what we have to offer. Don’t forget to check our complete catalog to explore our latest and most exclusive products. 

Why choose Previlege?

Previlege prides itself on offering sofa arm trays made only with the finest materials, providing reliability, comfort, and elegance.


Rest assured that on your customers' sofas, our couch arm trays will remain like new and your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking will stay at the top of sales, guaranteeing that you can truly enjoy some time to relax.

Check out some of the main competitive advantages of our portfolio below.

  • Individual Packaging

  • Painted MDF

  • High precision Laser Cut

  • Easy cleaning

  • Versatile appliance

  • Competitive prices

  • Dismountable Tables

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