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Brazilian Crafts: Handmade Decor Items And Utensils for Projects!

Minas Gerais
Rio de Janeiro + Espírito Santo
Northeast Brazil
Rio Grande do Sul
São Paulo
Santa Catarina
North of Brazilian

Mine handcrafted treasures made in Brazil, exactly what your interior and exterior design need.

Have you ever thought about providing handmade Brazilian decor for high-end interior design projects? Your client visiting your home store wants to go beyond the already established industry brands, seeking an object that carries a story from distant lands? They are interested in rich cultures with a deep history that transforms manual art passed down from generation to generation into something tacit?

There’s no better way of making your portfolio looking like a luxury Resort than with one-of-a-kind handcrafts for decorating.

Why Crafts from Brazil ?

Handmade is the artisan's legacy from this people, transcending the present and tracing the path of a culture. The mark belongs to the one who made it, and its value is determined by the occasion, history, and the value a nation places on its heritage. Brazilian craftsmanship is considered an investment, whether due to a thriving domestic market or a relatively strong currency, maybe. Brazilians cherish their culture and appreciate their essence, even with their 'vira-lata' syndrome.

A meticulous selection of Brazilian handicrafts

We dedicate ourselves to selecting high-quality artisans and projects to offer only the most uniquely designed and fanciest crafted items. Our range of decorative items includes decor pieces and utensils, homeware, wall decor and art all meticulously handwoven, sculpted, folded, woven, embroidered, hammered, and curated by the finest artisans in our country. These adornments are created to make your clients' homes truly shine in a way that is as unique as they deserve. Choosing one of our products means immortalizing a life story. 

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