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Bahia | Hand-Carved Wooden Bird & Handcrafted 3D Artistic Panels

As Charles Darwin said in Voyage of a Naturalist Around the World. "The surface is covered with fine forests of several kinds, interspersed with cultivated patches, where houses, convents, and chapels appear. [...] The orange, the coconut, the palm, the mango, the fern, the banana, and the cotton plant, have distinct and recognizable forms." Below, highlighted are artists from this state. Santa Brígida and  Wooden Crafted Wall Frame

Bahia de Todos os Santos (All Saints), as called by the Bahians, features Tupiguarani pottery from Aratu, as well as natural fibers like those from palm trees, oil palms, Ouricuri, and piassava. In addition, to embroidered pieces and lace influenced by the struggle for ethnic and religious cultural expressions that have marked the region throughout its history. In their woodwork, it is common to use Imburana as Santa Brígida works, and also the Cedar, Rosewood, Angelim, and Teak. Also the Biriba, used to make the berimbau, which is the primary musical instrument played during capoeira practice.

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