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Benta Wooden Bowl of Natural Angelim or soapstone revives the time when affection was embodied in rain cakes, even the cloudy sky was blessed by a warm good morning.




Benta Wooden or Soapstone Bowl

SKU: 001
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    Small BOWL BENTA P

    Approx. Weight: 0.8kg , 15 cm 20 cm  | 1.76lbs , 5.91" x 7.87"

    Materials: Solid Natural Angelim Wood or Soapstone.

    Ref. IL55WN01 OFF-WHITE / Ref. IL55WB01 BEIGE YOSEMITE / Ref. IL55WY01 EBONY / Ref. IL55WP01


    Large BOWL BENTA 

    Approx. Weight : 1.2kg, 17 cm x 20 cm | 2.65 lbs, 6.69" x 7.87"

    Materials: Solid Natural Angelim Wood  or Soapstone

    Ref. IL55WN02 OFF-WHITE / Ref. IL55WB02 BEIGE YOSEMITE / Ref. IL55WY02 EBONY / Ref. IL55WP02

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