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Veredas Solid Angelim Wood Small or Large Vase. Smooth and rounded shapes in the polishing of every detail, evoking the singular desire to decorate the comfortable ambiance of home.

Veredas Solid Wood Vase

  • Small: ⌀ 15 cm x H: 20cm, 0.6kg | ⌀ 5.91" inches x H: 7.87", 1.32 Lb

    Large: ⌀ 30 cm x H: 40cm, 2.5 kg | ⌀ 11.81" inches x H: 15.75", 5.51 Lb




  • "The real is not at the beginning or at the end.
    It is in the middle of the crossing that it revels itself... "
    Guimarães Rosa

    It is in the roughness of the way that we find ourselves. And the Veredas Collection is the fruit of the persistent soul. Simple objects that impose themselves against edges and reveal the interior. It does not speak of the beginning or the end. It chants the unfolding path, which opens possibilities and fructifies. After all, "living is et cetera".

    Made up of multifunctional pots and a flower support, the collection brings, in the simplicity of its forms, the inspiration in the fruits of the Cerrado, that bolsters thin branches in improbable paths. They are casings that protect the seeds, save the life and stand out. Dignity worthy of the nobility of the goldenness. They elevate the virtues of their pulsating veins.

    The Veredas Collection is a true oasis for some environments. Genuine, full of character Brazilian design, with the unmistakable signature of Iludi.

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