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The Benta Stool, crafted from Angelim wood or soapstone, features a spacious seat, plays with minimalist design and phallic forms worthy of an art gallery.

Benta Wooden Stool

Finish Options
  • Polished and varnished Solid Angelim Wood. Authorial Design.

    ⌀ 45cm x H:40cm, 15kg | ⌀ 17.7" x H:15.7", 33.1Lb 

  • “How often do we, in search for happiness,
    do exactly as the poor grandfather does:
    in vain, look restlessly for the glasses
    Having them on the tip of the nose!”
    Mario Quintana

    The search for simplicity is almost always inspired by past tense verbs. It is as if the unveiled foundation ¬heated the ideas on a wood-burning stove. Bottles become jugs and armchairs, stools. Functional, useful and essential.

    The Benta Collection relives the time when affection materialized through baked cinnamon sugar doughnuts. When even the cloudy sky was blessed by a warm ‘good morning’. That unmistakable space in memory where the sincere hug was accompanied by fresh cups of freshly brewed coffee.

    These recollections have the courage of a handwritten letter. Which chants affection while defying the damn digital clock hands. An entire collection that looks back and, without shame, calls for breaks.

    In wood and soapstone, the Benta Collection visits the kitchen, that most sacred place. It gathers wall lamps, racks, jugs, sideboards and feelings around the table. Subtleties that come from within and echo personality. Pure, soft and continuous tenderness. A timeless encounter in which design blows confidences

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