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5 Must-attend International Home Decor Trade Shows in 2024.

Updated: Jun 1

Which are the top International Home Decor Trade Shows of 2024 you must-attend? Highlight are five fairs I believe you may consider visiting this year.

1. Ambiente Frankfurt

The Largest B2B event for home decor globally

In my opinion, the international trade fair that can be called a global benchmark for international buying and selling businesses. Regarding organization and attendees, the exhibiting manufacturers come from nationalities spread worldwide, just like the highly qualified clientele consisting of distributors, supermarket chains, and retailers, with a significant portion being e-commerce professionals. This makes Ambiente Frankfurt the foremost B2B event for home decor and lifestyle products globally.

2. The Inspired Home Show: Home + Housewares Show, Chicago

The global reference for a trade fair focused on houseware.

Whether due to North American 'protectionism' or geographical positioning, I believe this fair has been regionalizing year after year. However, perhaps in global importance, it is the second-largest business fair for Home Decoration. Unfortunately, nowadays, it is more focused on the American continent. Both the exhibiting companies and the majority of the audience are from the United States and Latin America. Even though some European references, especially in housewares, are also present, as the fair's origin is more oriented towards household utilities and kitchen items than decoration or furniture.

3. Salone Internazionale del Mobile & Fuorisalone Milano

Leading showcase for global design and architecture

It is the fair with the highest number of visitors, but 39% of the audience are from MILAN and 84.06% lives in Italy (The audience). It is a beautiful spectacle for brand positioning and global strengthening, as well as for trendsetting in the realms of design and architecture. However, amid numerous leads, it becomes challenging to discern who is an enthusiast, press, specifier, or just a resident of Milan who found it a good excursion to attend the event. Perfect for gaining inspiration, but perhaps not the fair for securing significant business deals during the event or identifying a business partner to facilitate brand development or product portfolio expansion in another country.

4. INDEX Dubai

Gateway to the Middle East consumer market

The gateway to the consumer market in the Middle East. The fair showcases glamour, primarily featuring renowned Italian brands well-received in the Arab world. The audience, from what I observed, is a mix of distributors, retailers, but also a powerful end-customer willing to bargain down to the last dihan, convincing you that the items have a very high shipping cost to return them to your home country; thus, selling them for half the price is a great deal to be made. It is advisable to have a prepared team to cater to both the 'showroom consumer' and your importing client simultaneously. Enormous embellishments for imposing homes with bright and lacquered colors, refined furniture, luxury crystals, Murano glass. Definitely, the fair is all about 'high decoration'.

5. MOM Maison & Objet, Paris

Showcasing global luxury decor, houseware and furniture, including the latest trends.

It is beautiful to behold, combining all the charm of manufacturers from across France with powerful wholesalers and global brands seeking to reinforce their position in the luxury universe. I saw many furniture brands from Eastern Europe, iconic Eastern chandeliers with European quality, and ornaments with impeccable finishing expected by the mature European market. I must mention that the profile of visitors is quite heterogeneous. It ranges from influencers, high-income consumers, renowned hotel chains to traditional importers, mostly European, followed by visitors from Asian and African regions. Despite the somewhat complicated logistics in Paris, it is a memorable fair for both exhibitors and visitors.

Below is a table with generic information about these 5 International Home décor exhibitions:




Number of Visitors in 2023

Number of Exhibitors

Area of Exhibition (m2)

Tickets /  Registration

Consult Exhibitors

Ambiente Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main | Frankfurt, GERMANY

January 26-30, 2024




The Inspired Home Show Housewares Show

McCormick Place | Chicago, IL, USA

March 17–19, 2024




Salone Internazionale del Mobile & Fuorisalone  

Rho Fiera Milano | Milan, ITALY 

April 16-21, 2024 




INDEX Dubai 

 Dubai World Trade Center | Dubai, UAE

June 4-6, 2024  




Maison Et Objet, PARIS (MOM) 

Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre | Paris, FRANCE

January 18-22, 2024 & September 05-09, 2024




The number of visitors and exhibitors are available in the official organization's website. Despite variations in expectations for 2024, comparing the registered and verified visitors counts from 2023 may offer a closer idea about its audience.

In addition to these five International Home Decor Trade Shows, many other large-scale fairs, especially in China and the USA, take place every month throughout the year. I chose these five because I had the pleasure of visiting them personally and also because they are recognized in the home decor industry.

International Trade Fairs
International Home décor exhibitions

I hope to see you at the next fair. Do you plan to attend? Would you like to have a chat about it? Whether you consider yourself a wholesaler, distributor, retailer, buyer of a hotel chain, buyer of a supermarket chain, or simply an enthusiast, feel free to contact .

It would be a pleasure to schedule an online conversation wit you . I'd love to provide more details about the carefully selected suppliers featured on our beloved website .


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