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Why should we recommend to customers the use of live plants in interior decoration?

Updated: Jun 1

During the day, plants greatly contribute to creating a fresher and more oxygenated environment, providing us with a place within reach where we can reconnect with nature.

The sensation of tranquility and harmony purifies spaces, reduces dust, adds humidity to the atmosphere, and decreases the proportion of harmful gases for the health inside our homes.

These are the simple and main reasons why live plants can be a transformative element in interior decoration.

Window Flower Pot
Window Flower Pot

In workplaces with spacious and modern-style rooms, tropical plants of good size such as rubber tree (ficus elastica), fiddle-leaf fig tree (ficus lyrata), or elegant palm trees work well.

In planters, various species can be combined, such as the Chamaedorea (Chamaedorea elegans), which has the advantage of needing little natural light and grows well under fluorescent lights.

Even a Amsterdam pot can accommodate the Sansevieria (Sansevieria Trifasciata), known in Brazil as lança-de-são-jorge, which superstitiously protects the home from the evil eye.

Planters compositions at Work Spaces
Planters compositions at Work Spaces

In the kitchen, it is not advisable to place species with velvety leaves and delicate flowers, as they are difficult to clean, and it would be almost impossible to remove the grease.

On the contrary, medium to large and glossy leaves can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Remember: Maintaining live plants in interior decoration must be a practiced habit. Herbs like parsley and oregano are a good suggestion for cultivation here.

The presence of water and humidity in the bathroom promotes the development of flowers and plants. Also bathrooms are the best place to take advantage of mirrors to multiply the volume of plants. The hues of the begonia (begonia rex), for example.

General tips for decorating the interior of your home with beautiful plastic plant pots.

Plants with glossy leaves
Plants with glossy leaves

·  In many instances, placing plants in strategic locations contributes to the separation of two spaces that can host different atmospheres.

·    Green plants brighten spaces covered with light-toned woods. Red plants contrast with blue walls and upholstery. In a well-lit area, you can place a Dracaena (Dracaena Schyveriana).

·  Only large plants can be placed, and in an isolated manner, if the rooms are very spacious

·   Romantic-style bedrooms gain a special charm when decorated with small flowering plants such as violets (Violaceae).

Romantic-style bedrooms with HDPE planters
Romantic-style bedrooms with HDPE planters
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