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The trade show MOVELSUL is becoming a Brazilian furniture manufacturing center March 12-15 - 2018.

Consolida Brazil visited its partners in Bento Gonçalves (South of Brazil) during the Movel Sul 2018. You will find more information about the event at . The website is available in English and Spanish as well.

At the trade show several brands showed similar variations of planned furniture. Fortunately, innovation and space organizing concepts have been assimilated as a necessity by national manufacturers. Also the conciliation of wood and steal work is becoming usual but still a few factories have perceived this trend here in Brazil.

Madebal launched into the market new finishes for the Rima line and the new BALSA collection. Look this fantastic woodcraft effect. Its catalog will be updated at soon.

Madebal - Balsa Line

Madebal Rima Line - New Finish

Manufacturer Highlighted - HAIFA showed its portfolio of demolition wood (Peroba) furniture. Its style is rustic I considered it well-finished and also have a stylish country appeal. Very keen. The company CEO told me they are experienced exporting so it is a supplier to be analyzed as a opportunity.

Opportunity to the Brazilian furniture industry - Considering the conciliation of wood and steal work, take a look at this model sold at LE CREUSET BISTRO in USA. It is a simple design but how many brazilian brands are doing something like that ?

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