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Ethnic Buriti Petals Fruit Bowl has natural shades of clay, following pigment techniques of Amazonian indigenous tribes, inspired in the Vitória-régia flower.


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Ethnic Buriti Petals Fruit Bowl

SKU: 0882
  • Product Dimensions: Ø 60 CM H 10 CM | Ø 23,622" x H 3,937"

    Lead Time: up to 35 days 

    m.o.q: USD 1000 . 

    CPT/your place ( shipping estimation to your place provided) .

  • A total of 396 kilometers separate Barcelos from Manaus.
    Barcelos, the first capital of the state of Amazonas, has a
    population of approximately 26,000 habitants.
    The handicraft is one of the attractives of the municipality and is
    extremely important for the local economy. The craftwork draws a
    lot of influence from the indigenous and cabocla culture, utilizing
    the Piaçava (the name of two types of palm tree that can be found
    in the amazon region) as the main material utilized.
    In its region, Barcelos is responsible for almost 80% of the
    production of Piaçava fiber handicraft. The originality and beauty of
    these objects show the great ability of the artisans in utilizing
    braiding techniques that are passed through generations.
    The community workshops of made from the Sebrae project in
    which designer Sergio Matos participated to develop products with
    an improved design. The braiding technique was kept in use to
    help to keep the local identity in the production process.
    For the dyeing of the raw material, a conservation technique is
    used, in which the piaçava is put in mud for 4 days to get a black
    The concepts used for product development were inspired by
    Vitória Régia. A typical plant of the Northern Region. The legend of
    Victoria Regia (a well-known myth in Brazilian indigenous culture)
    talks about an Indian that fell in love with the moon, throwing
    herself into the waters of the river because she was attracted by
    the reflection of the moon, making her disappear and come back
    as the fragrant Victoria Regia.

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