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The Sarau Minimalist Center Table by Iludi Design celebrates the vibrant fusion and offers an array of endless centerpiece possibilities, ensuring everyone has a voice.


A manifesto about diversity, egalitarian and libertarian.


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Sarau Minimalist Centerpiece

SKU: 222333
  • Materials: Steel, Automotive Paint / Suede, Double-Sided

    Extra Small: Weight 1.5kg , L 39.8cm W 33cm H 8.3cm 

    3.30 lb, L 15.67" W 12.99" H 3.27"

    Small:  Weight: 2.0kg | L 65cm W 33cm H 8.3cm

    4.41 lb, L 25.59" W 12.99" H 3.27"

    Medium:  Weight : 2.8kg |  L 93.4cm W 33cm H 8.3cm

    6.17 lb, L 36.77" W 12.99" H 3.27"

    Large: Weight: 3.6kg | L 148.6cm W 33cm H 8.3cm

    7.94 lb, L 58.50" W 12.99" H 3.27"

  • “If love is fantasy,
    I find myself lately
    In the middle of carnival.”

    When poetry dictates the rhythm and echoes plural notes, the expression is multiplied in a lively soirée. A meeting of differences that, together, form something daring that extrapolates the origin. Ideas in motion, this time, recited.
    The Sarau Collection is about the union of colours and skins. In its table Centerpieces, it brings together infinite possibilities, all with a voice. A manifesto on diversity, egalitarian and libertarian.
    Double-sided, the collection adapts to styles and moments. Becomes stage and sings arpeggios. If, on the one hand, life reverberates in a vibrant pulse, on the other, the soul rests on a raw palette. Figures of speech that dance to the music and exude personality to the environment.

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