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How to combine flower arrangements with different types of vases

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

When choosing which vase to display your flower arrangement in, consider the length of the stems, as well as the colors and sizes of the flowers you will use. You can maintain a palette of similar shades or use complementary colors to create striking designs.

There are different types of flower pots to choose from:

Tall and narrow

Vasos de vidros coloridos
arranjos de vasos

Thin, elegant, tall vases are best for flowers that have long stems and large heads, such as roses and sunflowers. You can add straws, leaves and other plants to create an abundant display.

Short and robust

vaso de vidro para arranjos
vaso de vidro com flores coloridas

Often used as a base to support small foliage, such as succulents or delicate flowers such as violets, short or boxed vases are ideal for display on most tables, cornices and counters. Add other materials, such as candles, pebbles or seashells to give your arrangement a unique look.


The classic aquarium shape makes your flower arrangement look more complete as it overflows from the edge of the vase. Use this type of bowl to display orchids, daisies, mothers and flowers that have rigid stems for stronger support. Others have designs that give the illusion that they retain water, giving the container an elegant and charming appearance.

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