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Nature As Raw Material

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Brazil has a diversity of natural materials that are used to add charm to decoration. Materials such as seeds, wood, clay, fibers and leather for basketry make each object unique.

Baskets produced with stips of reuser goat leather.

Artisanally produced clay sculpture.

Ornaments in wood for wall or furniture.

Ornaments in wood for wall or furniture.

The piaçava (the name of two types of palm tree that can be found in the amazon region) as the main material utilized. In its region, Barcelos is responsible for almost 80% of the production of Piaçava fiber handicraft. The originality and beauty of

these objects show the great ability of the artisans in utilizing braiding techniques that are passed through generations.

Piassava petals fruit bowl Buriti Piassava Vase

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