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Modern Porcelain Vase Land Demarcations. High-temperaure Fine Porcelain in matte or bright white, and black with the option for gold / silver details available. Asurini, Javaé or Kayapó.

Asurini: 28 x 28  x 31 cm  ( 11.02in x11.02in x12.20in )

Javae: 26 x 26 x 40 cm (10.24in x 10.24in x 15.75in )

Kayapó: 26 x 26 x 26 cm (10.24in x 10.24in x 10.24in)



Modern Porcelain Vase Land Demarcations

  • It comes from desire for beauty that permeated the cultural-material production of the Brazilian natives: a ceramic vase wasan unquestionable manifestation of its author: the desired beauty expressed towards the tribe. Unfortunately, the possible invention of a Brazilian native porcelain could never come to fruition, it had to bereplaced by the struggle for survival. This collection is an imagination of what it could have been.

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