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Quartz Chandelier Astro Delux is a luxury version of Astro light fixture. Natural rock crystal strings and rock crystal kite made part of this new look for.


Aver Design Catalog 2024 | Page 115 .

Quartz Chandelier Astro Delux

SKU: 0001
Finish Options (metal)
Crystal Quartz
  • Astro Delux 68 Ø: 26.7" (680MM); H: 29.5" (750MM) 
    Astro Delux 78 Ø: 30.7" (780MM); H: 31.5" (800MM)
    Astro Delux 120 Ø: 47.2" (1200MM); H: 53" (1350MM)


  • Green Quartz , Smoked Quartz, Milky Quartz, Citrine Quartz,

    Clear, Satin, Golden.

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