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Aldo Deli's Torii Collection: Handcrafted solid ángelim wood stool and side table set. Elegant Italian design, perfect for modern homes. Durable and timeless.

Aldo Deli Torii: Solid Wood Stool & Side Table Set

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  • "I still want to see
    in the flowers at dawn
    the face of the divine being."

    Matsuo Bashô

    Among rare birds, the home comes alive under a colossus structure in front of the temples. Called torii, Japanese portals indicate the sacred passage between two worlds: the mundane to the mystical.

    The ancient confidences of charms and poetry are reserved for those who do not distinguish greatness from a good heart.

    Where does the divine dwell after all, if not within one's own being? Without a doubt, Japanese culture envelops hearts with wise teachings, as well as dazzling with its unique aesthetics.

    From this, Italian designer Aldo Deli brought to light the enchanting Torii Collection, in partnership with Iludi. With tables and benches, a clean and calm composition inspired by oriental portals.

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