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  • Negotiating Furniture & Home Decor Import

    Evaluating Supplier Reliability and Defining Strategies As a professional with extensive experience in export management, negotiation, documentation, logistics, and customs issues for some of Brazil's leading manufacturers of home decor products. I have witnessed a wide range of challenges faced by importers, from large-scale operators moving multiple containers to those with direct-to-consumer (B2C) sales channels, the challenges in negotiating and establishing commercial relationships are a constant, regardless of the volume or origin of the imports. Negotiating Directly with the Brazilian Manufacturer When considering the feasibility of any direct importing from Brazil, it is crucial to assess the impact of the distance between the factory and the ports/airports, especially for Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments. Additionally, the import duty rate of the destination country and competition from domestic manufacturers, their advantages, and disadvantages should also be taken into account. While direct importation offers potential benefits, such as better negotiating conditions as volumes increase, initiating distribution by purchasing through other local distributors can provide valuable prior experience in the local market, serving as a gauge of acceptance, and even an understanding of possible product quality defects. This can result in a more assertive mix of imported products when operations require more robust investments. Competitiveness as a Goal In pursuit of competitiveness, it is essential to understand the practical and psychological needs of the market, while large-scale products rely on production capacity and exclusivity, one-of-a-kind items compete based on the perceived value of the domestic market, influenced by cultural aspects. Moreover, it is important to develop strategies to compete with major marketplaces, such as Amazon, Mercado Livre, Wayfair, Etsy, and Alibaba, if these are not the importer's primary distribution channel. Exclusivity and Market Respect to the goods you import To establish a healthy and sustainable business relationship, it is crucial to negotiating the interests of both parties involved in the trade agreement. Building a valuable customer network over time is essential. Both the manufacturer and the distributor must maintain a flexible and adaptable posture towards customer service and, especially, after-sales service. In this case, it is not about incoterms, but rather about respecting the importer's local pricing strategies and understanding their scope of action. Internal competition becomes unhealthy when there is price competition with another competitor targeting the same clientele. Whether due to team turnover or lack of perception of the target market, the negotiation may fall short in this regard. This is crucial for long-term success in international trade and for the good reputation of a brand. Quality and Market Trends regarding Furniture & Home Decor Supply The success from the furniture brand chosen by the importer depends on an exact understanding of the specific demands of the target market. Therefore, it is crucial to assess additional costs and investments needed to ensure product quality and adaptation to market needs such as the measurements of a chair seat or the height of a solid wood table, or the shade of a leather fabric, or understanding what is waterproof or water-resistant, for indoor or outdoor use, etc. Whether due to regulations from the government, especially for Home Decor items, where there is a wide variety of raw materials and its respective countries of origins and extraction where the product's tariff classification requires attention, or just for evaluating the impact on sales of any investment needed to enhance the perceived value at the target market, it is essential to the manufacturer to be attentive to the variations and continuities necessary to maintain local demand. To sum up, when facing the challenges of importing furniture & home decor products, a strategic and adaptive approach is fundamental. Understanding the nuances of negotiation and market demands is essential to achieve long-term success in this competitive sector.

  • Why should we recommend to customers the use of live plants in interior decoration?

    During the day, plants greatly contribute to creating a fresher and more oxygenated environment, providing us with a place within reach where we can reconnect with nature. The sensation of tranquility and harmony purifies spaces, reduces dust, adds humidity to the atmosphere, and decreases the proportion of harmful gases for the health inside our homes. These are the simple and main reasons why live plants can be a transformative element in interior decoration. In workplaces with spacious and modern-style rooms, tropical plants of good size such as rubber tree (ficus elastica), fiddle-leaf fig tree (ficus lyrata), or elegant palm trees work well. In planters, various species can be combined, such as the Chamaedorea (Chamaedorea elegans), which has the advantage of needing little natural light and grows well under fluorescent lights. Even a Amsterdam pot can accommodate the Sansevieria (Sansevieria Trifasciata), known in Brazil as lança-de-são-jorge, which superstitiously protects the home from the evil eye. In the kitchen, it is not advisable to place species with velvety leaves and delicate flowers, as they are difficult to clean, and it would be almost impossible to remove the grease. On the contrary, medium to large and glossy leaves can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Remember: Maintaining live plants in interior decoration must be a practiced habit. Herbs like parsley and oregano are a good suggestion for cultivation here. The presence of water and humidity in the bathroom promotes the development of flowers and plants. Also bathrooms are the best place to take advantage of mirrors to multiply the volume of plants. The hues of the begonia (begonia rex), for example. General tips for decorating the interior of your home with beautiful plastic plant pots. ·  In many instances, placing plants in strategic locations contributes to the separation of two spaces that can host different atmospheres. ·    Green plants brighten spaces covered with light-toned woods. Red plants contrast with blue walls and upholstery. In a well-lit area, you can place a Dracaena (Dracaena Schyveriana). ·  Only large plants can be placed, and in an isolated manner, if the rooms are very spacious ·   Romantic-style bedrooms gain a special charm when decorated with small flowering plants such as violets (Violaceae). Are you willing to distribute Planters (container Garden Pots) ? Visit the link Source market-leading home decor manufacturers│ Consolida Brazil Meet Floridis or contact to know more.

  • 5 Must-attend International Home Decor Trade Shows in 2024.

    Which are the top International Home Decor Trade Shows of 2024 you must-attend? Highlight are five fairs I believe you may consider visiting this year. 1. Ambiente Frankfurt The Largest B2B event for home decor globally In my opinion, the international trade fair that can be called a global benchmark for international buying and selling businesses. Regarding organization and attendees, the exhibiting manufacturers come from nationalities spread worldwide, just like the highly qualified clientele consisting of distributors, supermarket chains, and retailers, with a significant portion being e-commerce professionals. This makes Ambiente Frankfurt the foremost B2B event for home decor and lifestyle products globally. 2. The Inspired Home Show: Home + Housewares Show, Chicago The global reference for a trade fair focused on houseware. Whether due to North American 'protectionism' or geographical positioning, I believe this fair has been regionalizing year after year. However, perhaps in global importance, it is the second-largest business fair for Home Decoration. Unfortunately, nowadays, it is more focused on the American continent. Both the exhibiting companies and the majority of the audience are from the United States and Latin America. Even though some European references, especially in housewares, are also present, as the fair's origin is more oriented towards household utilities and kitchen items than decoration or furniture. 3. Salone Internazionale del Mobile & Fuorisalone Milano Leading showcase for global design and architecture It is the fair with the highest number of visitors, but 39% of the audience are from MILAN and 84.06% lives in Italy (The audience). It is a beautiful spectacle for brand positioning and global strengthening, as well as for trendsetting in the realms of design and architecture. However, amid numerous leads, it becomes challenging to discern who is an enthusiast, press, specifier, or just a resident of Milan who found it a good excursion to attend the event. Perfect for gaining inspiration, but perhaps not the fair for securing significant business deals during the event or identifying a business partner to facilitate brand development or product portfolio expansion in another country. 4. INDEX Dubai Gateway to the Middle East consumer market The gateway to the consumer market in the Middle East. The fair showcases glamour, primarily featuring renowned Italian brands well-received in the Arab world. The audience, from what I observed, is a mix of distributors, retailers, but also a powerful end-customer willing to bargain down to the last dihan, convincing you that the items have a very high shipping cost to return them to your home country; thus, selling them for half the price is a great deal to be made. It is advisable to have a prepared team to cater to both the 'showroom consumer' and your importing client simultaneously. Enormous embellishments for imposing homes with bright and lacquered colors, refined furniture, luxury crystals, Murano glass. Definitely, the fair is all about 'high decoration'. 5. MOM Maison & Objet, Paris Showcasing global luxury decor, houseware and furniture, including the latest trends. It is beautiful to behold, combining all the charm of manufacturers from across France with powerful wholesalers and global brands seeking to reinforce their position in the luxury universe. I saw many furniture brands from Eastern Europe, iconic Eastern chandeliers with European quality, and ornaments with impeccable finishing expected by the mature European market. I must mention that the profile of visitors is quite heterogeneous. It ranges from influencers, high-income consumers, renowned hotel chains to traditional importers, mostly European, followed by visitors from Asian and African regions. Despite the somewhat complicated logistics in Paris, it is a memorable fair for both exhibitors and visitors. Below is a table with generic information about these 5 International Home décor exhibitions: The number of visitors and exhibitors are available in the official organization's website. Despite variations in expectations for 2024, comparing the registered and verified visitors counts from 2023 may offer a closer idea about its audience. In addition to these five International Home Decor Trade Shows, many other large-scale fairs, especially in China and the USA, take place every month throughout the year. I chose these five because I had the pleasure of visiting them personally and also because they are recognized in the home decor industry. I hope to see you at the next fair. Do you plan to attend? Would you like to have a chat about it? Whether you consider yourself a wholesaler, distributor, retailer, buyer of a hotel chain, buyer of a supermarket chain, or simply an enthusiast, feel free to contact . It would be a pleasure to schedule an online conversation wit you . I'd love to provide more details about the carefully selected suppliers featured on our beloved website .

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  • Artistic Teak Wood Barbecue Ware | Oeste Wood

    Artistic Teak Wood Barbecue Ware | Oeste Wood Artistic Teak Wood Barbecue Ware by Oeste Wood. Premium BBQ accessories, cutting boards, grilling tools, and recipes for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. New Quick View Teak Curing rack TEAK wood Quick View Cutting board with compartments. acero inoxidable Quick View Tabla de Picar con cuchillo y tenedor New Quick View Cutting Table with Stainless Tray G Oeste Wood: Premier Large-Scale Manufacturer of Premium Wooden Barbecue Accessories Oeste Wood stands out for its exceptional craftsmanship and capability in developing large scale products from reforested teak wood. Combining and perfect finishing have made us a market reference for gifts. We do not limit ourselves to boards, a saturated market; instead,We are differentiate manufacturers by adding stainless steel and stone trays to our portfolio, offering exclusive new designs possibilities. TEAK WOOD CUTTING BOARDS and BARBECUE TOOLS Visit OESTE WOOD Official Website to know more. *Eco-Friendly: Teak wood Sourced from sustainable reforestation. *Safe & Natural: Finished with non-toxic mineral oil. *Enhanced BBQ: Includes innovative solutions such as the stainless steel tray drawer *Exporter with experience

  • Search Products | consolidabrazil

    Home Decor Manufacturers and Suppliers: Bulk Offers Available for Wholesale Purchases Sort by Quick View Natural Leather Pouf Cowhide Footstool Quick View Candela Wall Lamp - White Quartz & Ceramic, Custom Finishes New Quick View Wall Hanger: Brass Bird's Repose New Quick View Napoli Side Table Duo Casa Cor Quick View Large Pot Amsterdã Line New Quick View Quartz Rustic Pendant Light Carved II Soapstone Version Quick View Benta Wooden Stool Polietileno Quick View Maceta de Polietileno Gramado New Quick View Hand Carved Angelin Wood Stools and Bench, Afinco New Quick View Large Art Glass Bowl by Luca Millani Quick View Sinestesia Wall Mirror Sculpture New Quick View Set of Quartz Tip Pendant Light Stalacta Quick View Flower Pots | Eco-Friendly PLA & Brass Ghost Quick View Sofa Armrest Tray Table with Drawer Organizer New Quick View Glass Large Leaf Decor Centerpiece Quick View Handmade Tropical Fusion Wall Necklace Natural Fiber Quick View Handmade Bromelia Tucum Fiber Fruit Bowl Quick View Natural Harmony Centerpiece Quick View Aldo Deli Torii: Solid Wood Stool & Side Table Set New Quick View Tuxaua Mirror, Coffee Filter Frame New Quick View Dominó Wooden Bench, Side Table New Collection Quick View Benta Wooden Side Tables New Quick View Fusing Glass Dining Table Centerpiece New Quick View Gramophone Porcelain Speaker: Haus of Aurah New Quick View Veredas Solid Wood Vase New Quick View Brass Fisherman Wall Decor Sculpture New Quick View Art Glass Canoe Centerpiece Farm Style Quick View Cupuaçu Wood Core Necklace Furniture Decor furniture stores Quick View Natural Dry Wood Necklace Table and Wall Decor New Quick View Concrete Fruit Sculpture New Quick View Milan Wooden Corner table Set New Quick View Olive Green fused glass Center Piece, Gold board New Collection Quick View Natural Slate Serving Tray Rustic handles New Collection Quick View Serving Tray Natural Rustic Slate Classic handles New Quick View Wooden Side Table Portofino New Quick View Handmade Art Glass Centerpiece - Organic Leaf Shape Natural Adorns Quick View Handmade Dry Wood Necklace Wall Decor New Quick View Art Glass Centerpiece Table Louis XV Quick View Natural Dry Wood Necklace Furniture Decor Sustainable Quick View Eco-friendly Dry Wood Necklace Center Table Decor New Quick View Fused Art Glass Table Centerpiece with gold edge Planters Quick View Macetas con plato Florença Quick View Bandeja Reposabrazos de Sofa promocional New Quick View Amber Origami Table Light KUARA Porcelain Quick View Modern Porcelain Vase Land Demarcations Quick View Heart-Shaped Natural Slate Table Setting Plate Porcelain Quick View High-temperature Fine Porcelain Vase Harlequim Quick View Garden Pots Indoor, Outdoor New Quick View Lámpara Araña de Cuarzo Blanco Etruscan V Neutral Hues Quick View Wall Hanging Decoration of Dry Wood Necklace Quick View Bowl 22.44" Walnut Gold Edge Fusing Glass New Collection Quick View Ardosia Slate Serving Plates with Border Polietileno Quick View Macetas Lisas Pantanal Quick View Natural Stone Wall Sconce Drum Quick View Paris Origami Table light with Wooden Pedestal Base New Quick View Wind Porcelain Vase Porcelain Quick View FLY Porcelain Vase New Quick View Macetas grandes Fernando de Noronha New Quick View Modern Porcelain Center Piece & Silver Vase Krater Unframed Quick View Headdress, Indigenous Natural Fiber, Moreré. Wooden Rings Quick View Wooden, Cotton Chain link, Wall Décor New Quick View Small SHITAKE Origami Table Light with Solid Wood base New Quick View ÁRBOL Porcelain Vases Collection Awarded Quick View Snowflake Coral Porcelain Vases Collection New Collection Quick View Ardosia Slate Serving Plates for Sushi Table Load More Looking for Home Decoration Product Suppliers? You found Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Wholesalers for Importing from Brazil. Whether it's decoration, utilities, accessories, adorns, planters, furniture, Crystal Quartz lighting, handicraft, leather carpets, baskets, bowls, centerpieces, housewares, kitchen wares, decorative arts and wall frames, organizers from traditional manufacturers showcasing their products at the most renowned international trade fairs to small studios and true gems of the Global Sourcing. If your business involves distribution to retailers, wholesales, serves supermarkets, sells on Amazon, you has an e-commerce presence, or operates an art gallery, would you like to schedule an online meeting today? Seeking a business partner in Brazil to boost your imports? You're in the right place and found a reliable Office in Brazil.

  • Kitchen Tools Manufacturers | Consolida Brazil

    Meet More Brazilian Houseware Manufacturers Brazil is home to a diverse array of houseware manufacturers known for their quality and innovative products. These companies produce a wide range of kitchen utensils. HANDCRAFTED Premium Stainless KNIVES Introducing the Gaúcho Churrasco Knife Set: Unleash Your Inner Grill Master! Are you ready to embrace the spirit of a true Gaúcho and take your churrasco game to the next level? Look no further than the Gaúcho Churrasco Knife Set, specially crafted to enhance your barbecue experience like never before. Why importing these knives with our support ? Designed with precision and expertise, these high-quality knives are your ultimate tools for mastering the art of churrasco. Made from premium materials and forged with care, our knives are built to withstand the demands of a true grilling aficionado. With their razor-sharp blades and perfectly balanced construction, our Gaúcho Churrasco Knives effortlessly glide through meat, ensuring clean, precise cuts every time. Whether you're slicing into a succulent picanha or delicately carving a mouthwatering ribeye, these knives will make your churrasco experience a true delight. The Quality the best Barbecue in the World. Crafted with the Gaúcho spirit in mind, our knife set embodies the simplicity and authenticity that defines a traditional barbecue. The ergonomic handles provide a comfortable grip, allowing you to wield these knives with confidence and precision. Let the natural flavors of the meat shine through as you expertly slice and serve each delectable piece. From the sizzling hot grills of the Pampas to your backyard barbecue, the Gaúcho Churrasco Knife Set ensures that you are equipped with the tools of a true grilling maestro. Impress your guests with perfectly cut, mouthwatering meats that are sure to tantalize their taste buds. Don't settle for anything less than the best. Elevate your churrasco experience with the Gaúcho Churrasco Knife Set, the ultimate companion for any grilling enthusiast. Order now and unlock the secrets of a true Gaúcho-style barbecue! Field Set Knife Stainless Steel Damascus Knife Random Handles Rumpsteak Splint Knife Stainless Steel Traditional Knife Stainless Steel 3mm Traditional Knife Traditional Knife of Stainless Steel for barbecue. Rumpsteak Knife Traditional Stainless Steel 3 mm THERMORUBBER ACCESSORIES Brush for cleaning food Food brush with soft and ergonomic bristles, in the shape of a chili pepper, making your kitchen much more fun Brush for cleaning food Thermoplastic and thermorubber are non-toxic materials, free of BPA, phthalates, and heavy metals. Brush for cleaning food Brush for cleaning food Brush for cleaning food Brush for cleaning food Potato masher Potato masher - a quality product, useful and super ergonomic, practical and fast in food preparation. Potato masher Potato masher

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