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Organic bowl with fused glass and gold edge - fancy craftsmanship in functional art or as a centerpiece for furniture decoration. Custom-made finishes and boards.


Specifications: Organic Bowl: Fused Glass

Model: 0657G 

Material: Glass
Approximate dimensions: 25 cm ø  (  9.84" ø ) 

Included Items: 01 IRREGULAR BOWL :

Brand: Luca Millani      
Ref: LM0657G ( large) 

Catalog 2024


Organic Bowl: Fused Glass Gold Edge

SKU:  0657G 
  • Since 1996, Luca Millani has been manipulating and transforming glass into art . Bowls, table centerpieces. snacks , cocoons. Organic shapes created using the fusing and blowing techniques. The raw forms of glass emerge through a masterful work into a polychromatic masterpiece that enchants architects and designers worldwide.

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