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Indigenous Japim Potish is a high-end basket made of straw with natural painting following primitive methods of Brazil's indigenous inhabitants.


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Indigenous Japim Potish

SKU: 0883
  • The Japim is a bird that builds its nest by leaving several sticks with “tips” left outside. This was the inspiration for baptizing the collection that Sérgio Matos
    Matos developed in the community of Careiro Castanho (AM)
    At the end of the process of weaving the uambé (a type of vine that canbe found in northern Brazil) fiber, the artisans wanted to cut the excess fiber to finish add the finishing touch in some crafts: “I said, 'No, don't do that!'” Says Sérgio , amused.
    It was shown as the right decision, because the tips left hanging on thehandicrafts amplify the beauty of them.

    The colored dye of uambé fiber is made from plants: Urucum for red and Crajiru with jenipapo for black.

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