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Heart-Shaped Natural Slate Table Setting Plate. Rustic Edge for an Organic and Natural Feel. Non-toxic and Food-Safe. Imported in Bulk, Contact Us for Pricing and Conditions."

Heart-Shaped Natural Slate Table Setting Plate

SKU: Sol785
  • - What is Slate made of?

    Slate is a Natural Stone, subject to small variations in color and size.


    - Is Slate non-toxic?

    Yes, the stone is non-toxic, it doesn’t pose a risk in food contact, nor does it transmit taste or odor. We have a report approved by the Anvisa (Brazilian Organization) ordinance.


    - What is the Slate resistance?

    It has high durability. Slate can withstand temperatures close to 100º, but if it suffers thermal shock it can damage or crack.


    - Can you put it in the oven or microwave?

    No, Slate is not recommended ovens and microwaves use.


    - Can Slate go to the dishwasher?

    Yes, Slate is dishwasher safe up to 90°C.


    -How is Slate cleaned?

    We recommend water and detergent.

    - Is there any type of treatment carried out on Slate?

    When preparing the Slate for packaging, it’s bathed in mineral oil so that it remains shiny.

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