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Fused Art Glass Table Centerpiece with Gold Edge by Luca Millani. Custom-made piece for decorating dining tables with a touch of sophistication.

Model: 0503G  Material: Glass
Approximate dimensions 85x45cm ( 33.46" x 17.71" ) 

Included Items: 1x Center Table

Brand: Luca Millani      
Ref: LM0503G

Open the Catalog 2023

Fused Art Glass Table Centerpiece with gold edge

  • Glass is something surprising, far from being a simple material. In my pieces I turn dreams into reality. Creations inspired by nights filled with dreams, images that float in an infinity of shapes, effects and colors, a surprising power of transformation and versatility. We are constantly on the move living new experiences, listening to sounds, enjoying the aromas and beauty that surrounds us, recreating and artistically reinventing the way we see the world.

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