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Garden Pots Indoor, Outdoor .

The Indoor, outdoor garden pots Floridis are made of High-density Polyethylene. Lightweight material and easy to carry.  Being Pot + plate, saucer  in a single SKU.


🌿 UV-resistant 🏡 Suitable for indoor and outdoor use 🍄 Mold-resistant 🌈 Fade-resistant 💪 Robust walls


Moreover ?!   It won't fade, won't crack, won't break. Providing strength and durability also low deformation (warping).  no problems with joints and no spots appear on the pots;

Water resistant. It does not mold; 05 year warranty for manufacturing defects.* The FLORIDIS HDPE planters are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. 


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Garden Pots Indoor, Outdoor

SKU: 00089

    1) Products with thermal stability;

    2) Development of products with a more complex design, better finished and associated with a great variety of textures and colors such as stone effects, solid, marble for instance;

    3) Rotomolded products are free from pressure if compared with the injection or blowing process, for example;

    4) All lines offer a complete solution. Example: Pot + Plate in a single SKU;

    5) Very light material: easy to carry;

    6) 100% recyclable material so its materials can be reused. 

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