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Natural Rustic Ardosia Slate Serving Plate with Border is non-toxic, dishwasher safe, rustic, organic, handmade and minimalist. Manufactured in Brazil shipped worldwide. Distributor Needed. 


Approximate dimensions: 26cm – 10,23"

Approximate weight: 0,83kg – 1,82lb

Approximate height: 0,8cm – 0,3"

Material: Slate Natural Stone.


Meet the collection contacting us right now ! 

Ardosia Slate Serving Plates with Border

SKU: 568
  • - What is Slate made of?

    Slate is a Natural Stone, subject to small variations in color and size.

    - Is Slate non-toxic?

    Yes, the stone is non-toxic, it doesn’t pose a risk in food contact, nor does it transmit taste or odor. We have a report approved by the Anvisa (Brazilian Organization) ordinance.

    - What is the Slate resistance?

    It has high durability. Slate can withstand temperatures close to 100º, but if it suffers thermal shock it can damage or crack.

    - Can you put it in the oven or microwave?

    No, Slate is not recommended ovens and microwaves use.

    - Can Slate go to the dishwasher?

    Yes, Slate is dishwasher safe up to 90°C.

    -How is Slate cleaned?

    We recommend water and detergent.

    - Is there any type of treatment carried out on Slate?

    When preparing the Slate for packaging, it’s bathed in mineral oil so that it remains shiny.

    About the Manufacturer:

    More than just products, The line aims to create a unique and exclusive experience so that you can enjoy your home spaces in a versatile and cozy manner. To achieve this, the brand has a purpose: to transform the ordinary into extraordinary.

    All utensils are handmade and incorporate technology to withstand everyday kitchen use.

    They take on the responsibility of being pioneers in the Brazilian market and therefore are dedicated to ensuring that the manufacturing process is conscientious, using highly durable materials.It values the commitment to transforming the environment into a work of art.

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