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Lámpara Araña de Cuarzo Blanco Etruscan V. Efecto natural translúcido, luz cálida y acogedora. Hecho a mano, artesanía de lujo,  acabo de textura cerámica orgánica.



Lámpara Araña de Cuarzo Blanco Etruscan V

SKU: 04188
  • Size:  Ø: 35"4; H: 29"5

    Bulbs: 12 x G9

    Finishes: Matte Black, Rustic Silver, Oxidized Graphite and Rustic Bronze

    Know More: Video of Etruscan at Youtube. 

  • Aver Design Catalog 2024 | Page 22 .

    Vídeo on youtube.

    Etruscan is a series of lamps molded in a living, imperfect and organic ceramic texture, in contrast to the slender and objective silhouette of its structure. Its light source is made up of a sculptural formation of translucent quartz points that provid a warm and cozy glow. Its name is a tribute to the Etruscan civilization that lived in the Italian peninsula and is known for its excellent works of art in ceramics, bronze and precious stones.

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