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4YOU Planter with saucer by Floridis bring innovation being four different styles are designed on each wall of a single pot. Made of high-density polyethylene. 


Open the Catalog 2024 .  Sold FOB/SANTOS, FCL .


Vídeo Chicago Inspire Home Show: 


When Floridis was born, a purpose was written in its essence, to bring innovation, practicality, design, functionality and so we have done so. Our lines have included plate or inner reservoir, the Tryas line has metal supports with double-positioning, the Dubai line with multi-positioning fittings and stacking giving wings to the imagination in the division and decoration of environments.

Now is also born the vase 4you, totally innovative, unique in the world. We have created a vase that provides a changing decoration experience in a small movement. Each side has a different presentation, they are:

  • Face of an Indian: Let's take to the world a little of our Brazil
  • Letters: The writing of the word FLOWER in several languages, valuing this beautiful element of Nature that is one of the most wonderful manifestations
  • Brush texture: a classic theme that harmonizes with the faces of the Indian and the letters
  • Scratched Texture: A harmonic and rustic scratch


4YOU Planter with saucer

  • Open-top diameter: 28.5 cm

    Total height: 44 cm

    Total width: 35 cm

    Base diameter: 24 cm

    Capacity: 44.5 liters

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